There are moments when this season of life is so sweet that I feel my heart will explode if I don’t tell someone about it. I am so grateful, especially … Continue reading Grateful


Twelve years ago, when I moved into my current home, there wasn’t much in the bed along the sidewalk. Each spring, Daffodil bulbs would sprout and bloom in a riot … Continue reading Rise

What If…

What if… You looked into the darkest places.  The moments seared by grief.  The long, weary nights, drenched in tears.  What if… You paused in front of the gaping moments … Continue reading What If…

Everything is (Not) Awesome! What About Faith Then?

I used to think faith was a bit like optimism on crack, a Technicolor gala, resplendent with flashing lights and ear-splitting praise, maybe sort of like the Super Bowl half … Continue reading Everything is (Not) Awesome! What About Faith Then?

Mourn With Those Who Mourn at

I was the guest blogger for yesterday.  Check out my post, “Mourn With Those Who Mourn”, here. I look forward to hearing your comments.