Why Haitians?

This morning, on the 8th anniversary of the catastrophic Haitian earthquake, I did something I hope none of you ever has to do. I told my daughters that the President … Continue reading Why Haitians?

How Far Does Love Go? Answer: It Runs Across Haiti (315 Miles)

I am in LOVE with Heartline.  Please take 13 minutes to watch this video about how an amazing man who lost his first son at birth ran 315 miles so … Continue reading How Far Does Love Go? Answer: It Runs Across Haiti (315 Miles)

Beautiful Dark Child

The blog experts say successful blogs stick to a theme. This blog is primarily about theology and the beautiful Jewish roots of Christianity, but today I digress.Just like everyone else, … Continue reading Beautiful Dark Child

Christmas Flashback Video/Learning To Read

My little one was learning to read and the Christmas story was giving her a few slip ups.  What’s with this two dads buisness?  Kinda confusing…   Don’t miss my … Continue reading Christmas Flashback Video/Learning To Read

Sometimes Worship is Thankful Tears

Sometimes worship is joyous and loud. Other times, it is as silent as breath- a holy listening. And for me, it is sometimes thankful tears. Today, I worshiped with my … Continue reading Sometimes Worship is Thankful Tears

New Superpower: Rock Deflection

I have a remarkable daughter but she doesn’t allow me to talk about her very often, and therefore she must remain…anonymous. One beautiful night a week ago, I accompanied her … Continue reading New Superpower: Rock Deflection

This Yoga Mat Smells Like Feet

Finally, I was back at yoga today after a week of Thanksgiving preparations and then my week-long standard post-holiday virus. My gifted yoga instructor, Keleah, cranked up the heat, dimmed the … Continue reading This Yoga Mat Smells Like Feet

How to (really) Help Haiti

When my daughters’ homeland crumbled in the earthquake, a lot of really good people put action to their compassion for Haiti. Of course, there were a few, very vocal people … Continue reading How to (really) Help Haiti

Assembly Required

I spent my two-year adoption wait in misery.  Well, I guess it began as discontentment, inched up to angst, and then morphed into full blown misery. I suppose I was … Continue reading Assembly Required


No presents for me, please.  I already have mine.  They are sitting around the table sucking bad royal icing from pastry bags.  No worries, though.  They plan on chasing the … Continue reading Gingerbread

You Are The Sky; I Am The Sun

I think shopping is her love language, especially when it is spoken in the dialect of shoes. We both needed shoes, so we braved the chaos of the mall on … Continue reading You Are The Sky; I Am The Sun

Wyclef Jean For President of Haiti

Oh. My. Gosh. Wyclef Jean will run for president of Haiti. Here’s the CNN link: http://larrykinglive.blogs.cnn.com/2010/08/05/wyclef-jean-says-he-will-run-for-president-of-haiti/?iref=allsearch