I’m Not (Instagram) Worthy!

I have taken a unflinching evaluation of my life and I have come to a conclusion.  I am not Instagram worthy. I am neither witty enough nor succinct enough for … Continue reading I’m Not (Instagram) Worthy!

Pain with a Purpose (and the perils of Spring sports season)

This week I have driven one thousand miles in three afternoons without ever leaving the boundaries of my small town (or at least it feels like it). What I do … Continue reading Pain with a Purpose (and the perils of Spring sports season)

Living with Teens is Like…

Living with teens is like… Living with professional looters. And world-class hackers. It is like being stuck in the movie Groundhog Day except instead of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania you go back … Continue reading Living with Teens is Like…

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I have been very, very good. So good. I haven’t punched anyone who needed it and SOOOOOOO many people needed it. Even you wanted to punch them, Santa. … Continue reading Dear Santa

“Oprah, Is that You?”

Do you see this photograph? This is the aquaduct at Caesarea Maritma, one of my favorite places on earth.  Honestly, if money was no object I would live in Caesarea Maritima.  … Continue reading “Oprah, Is that You?”

How I Lost My Skirt and My Dignity in a Walmart Parking Lot

I thought I looked pretty good…makeup, hair, accessories.  I was wearing a white tank and a cute pair of sandals with my favorite skirt- a silk wrap-around made from recycled saris.  I call it … Continue reading How I Lost My Skirt and My Dignity in a Walmart Parking Lot

The Dangers of Parenting

My eye is still sore. I had just noticed earlier in the evening, as I was watching her soccer practice, how much the freakishly rapid growth spurt that accompanies puberty … Continue reading The Dangers of Parenting


So, I’m a way down south for the week helping out after the birth of my baby sister’s second child. I’m in the land of Jambalaya and drive through Daiquiris. … Continue reading Grandma?

The (Forgotten) Elf On The Shelf

I lost my mind and bought an Elf on The Shelf. It took me all of two days to forget to move it after the little kids went to bed. … Continue reading The (Forgotten) Elf On The Shelf

This Yoga Mat Smells Like Feet

Finally, I was back at yoga today after a week of Thanksgiving preparations and then my week-long standard post-holiday virus. My gifted yoga instructor, Keleah, cranked up the heat, dimmed the … Continue reading This Yoga Mat Smells Like Feet

Superhumans On Parade

There are many things in this world that are beyond my ability to comprehend. I don’t get people who choose to fish for catfish by sticking their hands down into … Continue reading Superhumans On Parade

Humpday Ha Ha My 9-year-old Does Yoga

I have been doing yoga for awhile now and my kids love to try the poses. Here is my 9-year-old son attempting to do the Happy Baby Pose. Enjoy.