No presents for me, please.  I already have mine.  They are sitting around the table sucking bad royal icing from pastry bags.  No worries, though.  They plan on chasing the … Continue reading Gingerbread

Tea With Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is going to be a saint, but I just wish she was my friend, or maybe an older aunt who would invite me over for a strong cup … Continue reading Tea With Mother Teresa

There Goes Another One….

I think I could dedicate an entire blog to the subject of parents gone wild.  This was in my morning paper: BREAKING NEWS: Parent arrested for assault after shoving, hitting … Continue reading There Goes Another One….

You Are The Sky; I Am The Sun

I think shopping is her love language, especially when it is spoken in the dialect of shoes. We both needed shoes, so we braved the chaos of the mall on … Continue reading You Are The Sky; I Am The Sun

Nobody’s Getting The Bird

She is a piece of work. Wild child. Spunk, flash, fierce affection, steadfast devotion, hot tempered, and sweet. A friend of mine spent time with her in the orphanage when … Continue reading Nobody’s Getting The Bird

First Day

Fresh haircuts, tight new braids. Back packs, lunch boxes. New clothes, big smiles. The alarm went off at 5. Special breakfast, fruit smoothies. Bus coming, brush teeth! Teacher’s note, miss … Continue reading First Day

Droppin’ Off The Mail

When my pastor gets ready to deliver a particularly difficult truth, he is kind enough to warn us. “Get ready now,” he says. “I’m comin’ right down your street to … Continue reading Droppin’ Off The Mail

Quotes from The Blueberry Patch

  Child A:  “I can’t find any good blueberries.” Child B:  “They don’t have to be perfect they just have to be blue!” Mother to Child C:  “Come here.  Let … Continue reading Quotes from The Blueberry Patch


I think I have an obsession- I can’t stop expanding my garden. This year, one of our additions is sunflowers. I planted white-seed sunflowers in a ring to make a … Continue reading Sunflowers


The sun is setting, and I am tired, so I slip out onto the front porch to sink into The Comedians, by Graham Green, a novel set In Haiti during … Continue reading Beautiful

ABC Article on Transracial Adoption Transracial Adoption Can Provide a Loving Family and an Identity Struggle Black Children in White Families Try to Find Their Place In Society By RON CLAIBORNE and HANNA SIEGEL … Continue reading ABC Article on Transracial Adoption

The Motivation for Racism

I have had a tough week.  My husband has been working non-stop; there have been lots of really heavy kid issues. There was a dead mouse stuck to the intake … Continue reading The Motivation for Racism