A Prayer for the Mom of a Newborn

My oldest daughter entered the world on a cold, early spring day. In the middle of the grueling work of late labor, I looked up from my hospital bed to … Continue reading A Prayer for the Mom of a Newborn

Prayers To Help You Find Your Way

http://www.beliefnet.com has taken several prayers from my new book, Arms Open Wide, and created a beautiful photo gallery with them. Check it out! http://www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/Galleries/Arms-Wide-Open.aspx

One in a Thousand

At first glance, it all looks so holy.  Joshua and the elders of Israel tore their robes, put dust on their heads, and fell on their faces before the Ark … Continue reading One in a Thousand

Let Your Words Be Few

I was small, so small that the back of the pew was almost as tall as I was.  It was a humble church of worn wooden pews, frayed hymnbooks and … Continue reading Let Your Words Be Few


Never are my mother and grandmother nearer to me than the moments I spend in my kitchen cooking southern comfort food. The food of the south is more than cuisine, … Continue reading Legacy

I’ll Listen To You

I am not a very good parent volunteer.  There are some amazing volunteers at my children’s school.  A few women are practically fixtures at the place.  One friend of mine … Continue reading I’ll Listen To You

Empty House, Crowded Brain

I can’t remember the last time I was alone in this house. It feels both peaceful and…strange. I mean, I certainly like it, but there are so many things that … Continue reading Empty House, Crowded Brain

Stuck On a Rock

Sometimes, the whirlwind of my life just pulls me under and that, my friends, is when disaster awaits.  The older I get, the more I am acutely aware of the … Continue reading Stuck On a Rock


The sun has risen but the rest of the house is still sleeping, so I softly make my way to the front porch with a cup of tea.  The fog … Continue reading Sanctuary

Seed For Sowing

The first few days after we received the adoption referral are burned forever in my mind.  Two daughters instead of one. Suddenly, my life path had taken a completely unexpected … Continue reading Seed For Sowing

Tasting Mortality

I always dream in color.  This time, the dream began with his face.  He was older than me, 65 or 70.  His hair was still thick though washed silver with … Continue reading Tasting Mortality