You Are The Sky; I Am The Sun

I think shopping is her love language, especially when it is spoken in the dialect of shoes. We both needed shoes, so we braved the chaos of the mall on … Continue reading You Are The Sky; I Am The Sun

ABC Article on Transracial Adoption Transracial Adoption Can Provide a Loving Family and an Identity Struggle Black Children in White Families Try to Find Their Place In Society By RON CLAIBORNE and HANNA SIEGEL … Continue reading ABC Article on Transracial Adoption

The Motivation for Racism

I have had a tough week.  My husband has been working non-stop; there have been lots of really heavy kid issues. There was a dead mouse stuck to the intake … Continue reading The Motivation for Racism

Going Home and Unraveling the Veil

As far back as anyone remembers, the roots of my family tree run deep in the red clay of Mississippi soil.  My Mom and Dad were among the first and … Continue reading Going Home and Unraveling the Veil

From the Heart

” love one another deeply, from the heart ”  I Peter 1:22 It was Sunday morning and we had been home from Haiti less than 48 hours.  Michael and I had … Continue reading From the Heart

It’s All Good Hair

 Beautiful crown of curls and waves, sometimes braided, sometimes worn loose and free.  Can’t you see that it’s all good hair, when you look at me?  Do you think God … Continue reading It’s All Good Hair