There are moments when this season of life is so sweet that I feel my heart will explode if I don’t tell someone about it. I am so grateful, especially … Continue reading Grateful

What To Do With Ourselves in the Land of COVID-19

Yesterday was busy in the land of COVID-19. I rose early, as usual, and drank coffee and wrote. Before the sun was fully up, I went to the grocery and … Continue reading What To Do With Ourselves in the Land of COVID-19

A Miracle Right in Front of Me

“Why are you staring at me?” my 13-year-old asked with a twinkle in her eye. I shook my head, and blinked away tears as I reached out to pull her … Continue reading A Miracle Right in Front of Me

God the Gardener

For a brief, shining moment this past Saturday, Spring came to Tennessee.  I grabbed a pair of gloves, a stack of lawn bags and began tackling the largest flower bed … Continue reading God the Gardener

I Love My Truck, My Truck Doesn’t Love Me Back: And a Lesson In Thanks

“My check engine light came on last night,” I told my sister with deep, deep sadness in my voice. “Again!” she exclaimed.  “What is up with that truck of yours?” … Continue reading I Love My Truck, My Truck Doesn’t Love Me Back: And a Lesson In Thanks

The Gift of Transcendence

We all long for deliverance. We ache, mourn, and beg for it.  But sometimes, God offers us the gift of transcendence instead.  Deliverance is sweet, it is true, but there … Continue reading The Gift of Transcendence

Sweet Delight, Irrepressible Hope

I was driving down the same familiar country road I always take to town, the one that winds past a cow pasture, a Civil War battlefield and the Harpeth River. There … Continue reading Sweet Delight, Irrepressible Hope


Never are my mother and grandmother nearer to me than the moments I spend in my kitchen cooking southern comfort food. The food of the south is more than cuisine, … Continue reading Legacy

Dreadlock Disaster

“How did you manage to bleach your dreadlocks?” I exclaimed as I reached out in horror to touch the light brown tip of her hair. She was clueless. I rolled … Continue reading Dreadlock Disaster

Something Beautiful

I think I’ll fight back with something beautiful. Believing the best. Resisting the dark. Turning my face toward the sun. Choosing life. And hope. And kindness. And love once again. … Continue reading Something Beautiful

Good for Me

There are certain things that I know are just good for me- Deep down, life, breath, soul good for me. Prayer on the porch swing. C.S. Lewis with my kids … Continue reading Good for Me

Newspaper Stuck in The Syrup

This is my table after the kids are gone. Newspaper strewn, kid decorated gingerbread houses are askew around my lame attempt at decorating, a half empty coffee cup from Puckett’s … Continue reading Newspaper Stuck in The Syrup