Drawing a Line in the Sand for Adopted Kids

“One of these things is not like the other.  One of these things just doesn’t belong…” This was the song actress Pia Glenn chose (on MSNBC) as her caption for … Continue reading Drawing a Line in the Sand for Adopted Kids

Sometimes Worship is Thankful Tears

Sometimes worship is joyous and loud. Other times, it is as silent as breath- a holy listening. And for me, it is sometimes thankful tears. Today, I worshiped with my … Continue reading Sometimes Worship is Thankful Tears

New Superpower: Rock Deflection

I have a remarkable daughter but she doesn’t allow me to talk about her very often, and therefore she must remain…anonymous. One beautiful night a week ago, I accompanied her … Continue reading New Superpower: Rock Deflection

Tooth Fairy For Hire

I thought I was so sly.  For years, I have stealthily managed my alternate identities as various magical creatures without my kids knowing the truth.  I have filled plastic eggs … Continue reading Tooth Fairy For Hire

Cookie Decorating Party For Kids

Yesterday, I hosted 14 children to decorate Christmas cookies. There was an ocean of icing, and mountains of sprinkles- a crazy, sugar fueled chaos. This type of event is one … Continue reading Cookie Decorating Party For Kids

Newspaper Stuck in The Syrup

This is my table after the kids are gone. Newspaper strewn, kid decorated gingerbread houses are askew around my lame attempt at decorating, a half empty coffee cup from Puckett’s … Continue reading Newspaper Stuck in The Syrup


No presents for me, please.  I already have mine.  They are sitting around the table sucking bad royal icing from pastry bags.  No worries, though.  They plan on chasing the … Continue reading Gingerbread

There Goes Another One….

I think I could dedicate an entire blog to the subject of parents gone wild.  This was in my morning paper: BREAKING NEWS: Parent arrested for assault after shoving, hitting … Continue reading There Goes Another One….

You Are The Sky; I Am The Sun

I think shopping is her love language, especially when it is spoken in the dialect of shoes. We both needed shoes, so we braved the chaos of the mall on … Continue reading You Are The Sky; I Am The Sun

First Day

Fresh haircuts, tight new braids. Back packs, lunch boxes. New clothes, big smiles. The alarm went off at 5. Special breakfast, fruit smoothies. Bus coming, brush teeth! Teacher’s note, miss … Continue reading First Day

Droppin’ Off The Mail

When my pastor gets ready to deliver a particularly difficult truth, he is kind enough to warn us. “Get ready now,” he says. “I’m comin’ right down your street to … Continue reading Droppin’ Off The Mail

Quotes from The Blueberry Patch

  Child A:  “I can’t find any good blueberries.” Child B:  “They don’t have to be perfect they just have to be blue!” Mother to Child C:  “Come here.  Let … Continue reading Quotes from The Blueberry Patch