There are moments when this season of life is so sweet that I feel my heart will explode if I don’t tell someone about it. I am so grateful, especially … Continue reading Grateful

How mindfulness helps with stress

What is Your “Default” in Times of Stress?

This week, I made a promise to myself to take steps to get out of my lizard brain by using mindfulness. And there are lots of ways to get there!

Hey, Mama, I see you…

Hey, mama. I see you. You just rushed into work, late or almost late, and collapsed in your chair. You put on  your makeup while sitting in traffic. You are … Continue reading Hey, Mama, I see you…

I’m Not (Instagram) Worthy!

I have taken a unflinching evaluation of my life and I have come to a conclusion.  I am not Instagram worthy. I am neither witty enough nor succinct enough for … Continue reading I’m Not (Instagram) Worthy!

Mother’s Day and The Broken Road

Mother’s Day. For the moms who can’t slap #blessed on everything- this is for you. Motherhood. I have been doing this gig for 22 years now- 5 kids of my … Continue reading Mother’s Day and The Broken Road

Pain with a Purpose (and the perils of Spring sports season)

This week I have driven one thousand miles in three afternoons without ever leaving the boundaries of my small town (or at least it feels like it). What I do … Continue reading Pain with a Purpose (and the perils of Spring sports season)

Living with Teens is Like…

Living with teens is like… Living with professional looters. And world-class hackers. It is like being stuck in the movie Groundhog Day except instead of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania you go back … Continue reading Living with Teens is Like…

The Fortress of Uncool

I sat down  and pulled my cup of coffee close for comfort, thankful that the drone of the nearby interstate was drowning out the bickering of my two ninth graders … Continue reading The Fortress of Uncool

Dear Moms…

It is 5:37am and I am sitting on the porch waiting for my tea to kick in and my brain to get going so that I can do a bit … Continue reading Dear Moms…

A Day Off

Last night I dreamt of fishing for giant pirranhas that turned into woeful, suffering dogs when hauled upon the pier. They lay there staring at me in silent suffering, waiting … Continue reading A Day Off

Peace in the Pressure Cooker

We have been into this summer thing for two and a half days now and I am already losing my mind. As a rule, my work/parenting goal is to keep … Continue reading Peace in the Pressure Cooker