Preschool Yoga

Despite packing my travel mat, my yoga practice has been almost nonexistent this week. I did take time to teach my nephew a few poses… And….downward dog… A little cobra… … Continue reading Preschool Yoga

“Yoga or Demonism” – Give Me A Break.

Yoga or Demonisim?  That was the title in the number two spot on Go0gle when I searched “Holy Yoga” in my preparation for one of my current freelance projects.  There are … Continue reading “Yoga or Demonism” – Give Me A Break.

Desert Longings

Maybe it is because the weather outside is frightening, but I have been longing for the desert. The sun.  The heat.  The rock and sand.  The fierce, barren loveliness of it all. I close my … Continue reading Desert Longings

This Yoga Mat Smells Like Feet

Finally, I was back at yoga today after a week of Thanksgiving preparations and then my week-long standard post-holiday virus. My gifted yoga instructor, Keleah, cranked up the heat, dimmed the … Continue reading This Yoga Mat Smells Like Feet

Humpday Ha Ha My 9-year-old Does Yoga

I have been doing yoga for awhile now and my kids love to try the poses. Here is my 9-year-old son attempting to do the Happy Baby Pose. Enjoy.