Father, Forgive…

I was 13-years-old and in the “awkward stage”- the nice way of saying puberty had played a cruel joke on me physiologically.  I was taller than pretty much everyone else … Continue reading Father, Forgive…

Inspired News: Racism Meets Its Match

Brent Campbell was just working out to stay in shape for the UNC Wilmington track team when he heard shouting. He looked up to find a pickup truck had stopped … Continue reading Inspired News: Racism Meets Its Match

Bonhoeffer Quote

“Have you ever looked upon your enemies as those who, in effect, stand destitute before you and, without being able to voice it themselves, beseech you: “Help me, give me … Continue reading Bonhoeffer Quote

Droppin’ Off The Mail

When my pastor gets ready to deliver a particularly difficult truth, he is kind enough to warn us. “Get ready now,” he says. “I’m comin’ right down your street to … Continue reading Droppin’ Off The Mail