Longing for a Silent Night

“I hate to feel this way about the holidays,” a friend recently said to me, “but I wish it was over.” I admit to struggling with this tension too. Sometimes, … Continue reading Longing for a Silent Night

Snapping Turtle Grace

“Do you like it here?” I asked my 17-year-old daughter. We were in New Orleans for a few days on a college tour. “Yes,” she said. “I do.” The light … Continue reading Snapping Turtle Grace

Work? Maybe I should Just Lay Down For Awhile…

On the way to take my 13-year-old to the orthodontist today, I sighed and said, “It is 1:30 and I have yet to do any work.” (non kid work, that … Continue reading Work? Maybe I should Just Lay Down For Awhile…

It Sure is Messy Down Here

The new humanity that is created around Jesus (through the incarnation and redemption) is not a humanity that is always going to e successful and in control of things, but … Continue reading It Sure is Messy Down Here

Mercy is like…

Some questions are heavy. Soul stirring. They speak to the depth of who we are and our place in the world. The first time I remember feeling this was as … Continue reading Mercy is like…

Bread of Life

I wear a pendant around my neck that is precious to me.  It is a silver casting of an ancient seal my friend Dr. Gabriel Barkay found as he sifted … Continue reading Bread of Life

Featured Devotional At Faithgateway.com

I am the featured devotional today at Faithgateway.com.  Please take a moment to check out “Light of the World”.  

Mourn With Those Who Mourn at Incourageme.com

I was the guest blogger for Incourageme.com yesterday.  Check out my post, “Mourn With Those Who Mourn”, here. I look forward to hearing your comments.

Forgetting Glory

This past week I traveled to Mississippi to speak to 275 women.  There were teenagers with big dreams of the future and grandmothers with hair as white as Mississippi cotton.  White … Continue reading Forgetting Glory

Church Pews

Church pews.  I miss church pews.  I didn’t even recognize their absence in my life until a couple of Sundays ago when I visited an older house of worship where … Continue reading Church Pews

Tea with Jinlan

“Come, let’s taste some tea,” she said. “Oh, ok…” I replied a bit nervously as I glanced down at my watch. “I am afraid I don’t have much time,” I … Continue reading Tea with Jinlan

Beautiful Imperfection

I used to be a Christmas tree tyrant.  You know, that woman who wanted the ornaments and ribbon to be placed just so- everything well coordinated, no gaps, a picture … Continue reading Beautiful Imperfection